NGS sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), also known as high throughput sequencing, is a common term used to describe different modern sequencing technologies like: Illumina®

NGS technologies have 3 common stages: Library preparation: Libraries are created using random DNA fragmentation followed by binding to specific small sequences. Amplification: the library is amplified using clonal amplification and PCR methods Sequencing: DNA is sequenced using different approaches depending on the technology used The most widely used NGS technology is Illumina® technology. This technology uses clonal amplification and sequencing by synthesis (SBS). The process allows DNA bases to be identified simultaneously as they are incorporated into the nucleic acid chain. Each base emits a unique fluorescence signal when added to the strand being synthesized, this is used to determine the DNA sequence. NGS technology can be used to sequence the DNA of any organism, providing valuable information in response to almost any biological question. As a highly scalable technology, DNA sequencing can be applied to small targeted regions or the entire genome through a variety of methods.

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